My Brain NET applications

MyBrainNet platform is a tool to host patient diary applications. The platform contains the following applications:


MyDystonia is an application created by Dystonia Europe for people with dystonia to monitor their health condition and daily routines. This electronic diary documents symptoms and disease impact according to treatment, well-being and lifestyle. This tool can be used by patients for their own records and to improve communication with the physician during medical appointments to improve treatment outcomes. We're constantly working to improve the platform to make it as useful as possible. We create surveys and updates based on the opinion of users.
To support the users of the MyDystonia App we initiated the MyDystonia Ambassador program. An Ambassador is a person who works on a voluntary basis with users of the App at the national level. Today, we cooperate with Ambassadors from nine European countries - Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UK, Denmark, Poland, Finland and France. Since 2016, we have organized annual meetings of the Ambassadors to hear about problems and successes in their countries.

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