who is it for

MyBrainNET is a platform that allows us to create multiple apps (disease diary) and connect these to one platform, where all data is collected centrally. This central platform will allow us to publish new apps at a much lower cost than otherwise would be possible. We want to share this platform with other neurological European patient organizations, so they can have their own diary app for their members. This will bring together a lot of interesting information which can be used in research projects. Not only medical researchers can benefit from this information, which can’t be found anywhere else. It can also provide information for studies on the social and economic effects of neurological disorders, per country and throughout Europe. 

The most important aspect of MyBrainNet is the option for other patient organisations or neurological specialists to join the project and develop disease specific application. We aim to share this platform with other patient organisations working in the field of neurological disorders. We believe it’s an interesting offer especially for the small patient organisations of other rare neurological diseases. By working together, we can much better use available funding, use the time spent on the project more efficiently as well as benefiting from the same legal framework.

If you are interested in developing your own app contact us.